About Us


I have always had a great appreciation for the Blue Ridge Mountains. I  grew up here in the Asheville area, never really finding a reason good  enough to want to leave. I have always been able to head outdoors and  walk a trail ever since I can remember.  The best days spent are hiking  up to the ridge tops to see what the other side of the mountains has to  offer. I so far have not been disappointed in my adventures.  
I never really thought of becoming a stained glass artist. I had  taken a few art classes in my younger days, but it seemed that I always  ended up going in a different direction than what my teachers and  instructors had intended.  
     I did however have an interest in the beautiful old stained glass  church windows, probably staring more at them than listening to the  Sunday sermons. I just wanted to understand how in the world these  beautiful, colors were produced, and how are they were put together to  create a window.  
     I made a new friend in the early 1980’s. He along with other  talented folks gave me the chance to learn the many steps and techniques  that were necessary to produce a small stained glass panel. I thought  that I had finally arrived. The only problem was that the subject  matter, birds, flowers, and other familiar patterns, didn’t seem to  interest me too much. So… off to other interests; work, family, and  living life.  
     Later in my years, during the late 1990’s I once again became  interested in pursuing my interest of working with glass. This time I  realized that I could make my own designs and patterns of mountain  landscapes. I then found that I could choose my own glass, create metal  overlays, and create what had been in my vision, of what I wanted my  stained glass panels to represent. I became more and more interested in  producing many, designs and patterns of what I had been so blessed to be  surrounded by, these beautiful mountains and valleys.  
     The results are clear to me and to those many people that have  followed me through my journey. I am a stained glass artist.  
     I have been self employed for the past 15 years building thousands  of panels. I have been fortunate to have a very talented assistant for  the past 11 years. My panels are available in 25 or so, galleries and  craft shops throughout the southeast.  I also do several commission  panels for residential, and for several businesses, each year.  
     It’s a wonderful life when you finally find your talent in this  world. I will continue to keep designing, building and marketing these  panels for as long as the Good Lord will allow me to do so. I only wish  that I could keep up the same pace that I had when I started this  business. I guess I just started 30 years too late. I should have paid  more attention to that little voice in my head, telling me it was OK to  be an artist. Thanks again to all the good folks that have been a part  of my journey, you know who you are. Bless each and every one of you!